Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Sorry, again, for never having a new post.  I am the worst.  I have great blogging plans but other things always seem to come up and get in the way.  Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example.  Where did those things come from?

Trying to plan menus and do all the cooking, make lists and check them twice, buy presents and clean the house... it always sounds romantic up until the week of, when all hell breaks loose and I feel like a crazy person trying to run a marathon backwards with my legs tied together. 

Obviously, my Etsy shop is fairly empty.  I just haven't had the time (read: motivation) to sew and photograph and post and ship.  And I feel a little burned out, as well.  For a year I went full steam ahead on sewing, and I just need a little break.  Plus, my extreme Harry Potter obsession has me sidetracked on other various projects, many of which stemmed from the HP gift I made for my sister's Christmas gift.  Today I bought some Snitch-like beads, so hopefully I'll have some cute necklaces done before this time next year. 

My studio is also a disaster area (quite literally, there is thread EVERYWHERE, fabric scraps, packing peanuts, and paper pieces scattered wall to wall... I can't even vacuum) from the whirlwind of holiday craft shows I somehow thought would be a great idea seven months ago, and everytime I think I've worked up the courage to go in, clean it up, and get cracking on my next project, I stop dead in my tracks and rethink my plan.  Blargh.

Santa was at least good to me this year, several cookbooks, novels, board games, and candy... enough to last me through this humbug hibernation I've fallen into.  I'm thankful that the husband and I have simple plans for New Year's Eve, because I can't stand anymore celebration around here, and I'll be in no mood after working for eight hours that day.  Homemade sushi, football, and board games. 

So despite my holiday fatigue, I hope that you and your family had a truly wonderful holiday season and have a safe and happy New Year!