Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wish I had invented sticky notes.

Because my house, my phone, my desk, my car, everything is covered with them.  They float around like little colorful bits of a broken rainbow, I find them in every pile of books, trash, laundry, dishes...  And it would be cool to look at them and think, "I made that," instead of "Oh crap, I forgot to do that... and that... and that..."  Also, I'd be rich.  I think the majority of my sticky notes say the same thing, reminding myself of new designs I want to make, new tags I want to label my items with, etc., etc.  So I'm going to save myself a sticky note today, and instead of reminding myself to blog, I'm going to just do it.  Look at me go!

Ok, so I've had a little sugar.

But I'm being productive!  Look, today I'm featuring Omni Presents

Omni Presents makes handmade, beautiful new age and spiritual jewelry.  Like this unique colorful czech glass necklaceOmni Presents has a great selection of jewelry options, including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, including this stunning summer turquoise butterfly necklace.  And the pieces are very affordable, as well.

Another perfect summer necklace:  the seaside confetti shell necklace.  This is so understated and sophisticated.  And that's no stone... that's a handpainted shell!  I love it!

I love the positive energy surrounding this shop!  Each lovely item is gift-wrapped, with a little hand charm that reads "handmade," so you or your lucky friend knows they are supporting a real artist.  Who could resist?

This piece feels so earthy.  This necklace features a lingam stone, which is found only in the Narmada River.  Very unique!  And what's great about this store, is the jewelry is sorted into five different categories, such as "Bliss Baubles" and "Goddess Gear," with each collection designed to inspire the wearer to feel happiness or balance. 

An avid jewelry maker and adorer, Omni Presents states:  "I am...passionate about new age techniques such as meditation, color therapy, and crystal healing. Therefore, I decided to combine my...passions and create a collection of handcrafted regalia for adults that is not only beautiful but also serves to increase energy and enhance the spiritual health and well-being of the wearer through the materials used."  I really enjoy pieces of art that represent something to the artist, and especially when that sentiment is reflected in their art.  Enjoy!

Omni Presents can be found on Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook.  She's also got a great blog!


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for such a wonderful feature!

  2. Fabulous feature! You're reference to sticky notes makes me think of the movie "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion" - If you haven't seen it, you must to get the sticky note reference!