Sunday, February 14, 2010

A little addicted...

So I have found that I have a very bad addiction to fabric. The kind that depletes my bank account and makes it literally impossible for me to go into any fabric store and not leave with something. This last week it was a fabric with cupcakes on it. Thank you Robert Kaufman! I want to make anything and everything with it. It really is darling... I think I actually went "Oh my God, this is soooo cute!" aloud in the store. My husband wasn't quite as thrilled with it as I was, but no matter. It's not for him. In honor of this adorable print, appropriately called "Sweet Tooth," I am naming one of my store items after it: the Mini Cupcake Box Purse. Long title, sure. But this fabric deserves the credit. You can see it here.  I bought it at Joann Fabrics.

Why is it always the day I have free that I'm in no mood to sew? Lately I've been feeling a sort of "wall" keeping me from really getting into my studio and cranking out some little goodies. Maybe I'm feeling spring cleaning fever already... maybe it's that my parents are coming to visit next week and my house looks like a disaster zone. And we don't even have kids... it's just two people's stuff! I desperately need to sort and discard. Even my cute cupcake fabric has been untouched since I bought it. I almost bought more of it yesterday... even though I hadn't touched what I'd purchased before! It's just that cute. Clearly, I have some issues.

My goal for this week: ease up on the swear words directed towards my sewing machine. It is inanimate and doesn't understand that I am very angry. It's pretty bad when my husband pauses his video game downstairs to come check on me because I'm yelling that loudly.

Grrr... I am too used to my seamripper. Not a good start to this project!


  1. I have some of that very same fabric and yes I'm also a fabricaholic!! hahaha! My kiddos tell me I could open a fabric store I need not stop at Joanns or the local quilt shop but I still do and as you can imagine I always leave with a bag or two of goodies... I think the trick is to avoid the place altogether, not that I personally have done this but in theory it seems a good idea! :) Just wanted you to know you are not alone!! Blessings

  2. I know! I can't count how many times I've gone into Joann's with the intention of just buying one little thing... and come out with a bag full! Thanks for the support :)