Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trying new things

So I really came into the blogging world thinking I was going to blog everyday, and always have wonderful, witty things to say. Now that I have had a few weeks to prove the opposite, I am finally willing to accept that I am not a great blogger. For anyone who has read thus far, I thank you and I promise to only get better!

Alrighty, with that out of the way, I thought I'd mention that my store now has a few more items in it, which is always good, and I have had awhile to really develop a brand for my store. My fabulous husband has designed a great logo and "identity" for me, and it's amazing how something so simple as classy letterhead can give you the confidence to promote yourself and your projects to others. I'm currently working to get my pieces shown/sold in a few local stores and am trying to stay optimistic about it. Telling my family and friends about the little purses I make is one thing -- trying to explain it to a stranger and not feel embarrassed is another! Most people have the reaction of "isn't that cute" or "aw, good for you" and the most condescending tone, whether they mean to or not. Selling handmade wares online is difficult enough, but add in the stereotypical reaction you're bound to get, and promoting yourself becomes hellish.

In the spirit of creativity and spring cleaning, I am also rearranging my studio so I can set up my easel. It's been a few years since I painted -- college, actually -- and it just feels right to set up my paints and canvas again. I wish I'd taken better care of my brushes; going back through them, I had to throw quite a few out because I'd neglected to properly wash them. Such nice brushes, too. Oh well. I was a carefree college art student, and it shows. It's kind of exciting flipping through old canvases; I can't wait to gesso over them and start over!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Somehow tonight ended up being "let's file our taxes" night, which turned into "let's go through all our paperwork, yell a little, not find the one number we need, and put it off until later" night. The software we've chosen to file with is now glitching, so it's possible we'll need to start over. As if it's not stressful enough...gotta love tax season!

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