Saturday, October 16, 2010

And I'm back! Again...

So I am still trying to get organized around here.  I started a new job as a barista last week (I have no prior experience, so it's a bit overwhelming!), and I'm less than a month away from my biggest show of the year, for which I am nowhere near prepared for.  And I rejoined the Etsy BEST team, and am already behind in features!  So I apologize to Alyssabeths for not having my post ready last week!  It's late, but this is a shop that everyone needs to check out!

Alyssabeths features really fun, graphic vintage chic jewelry, decor, and all sorts of great holiday goodies!  Such as this fun set of Halloween Bat gift tags

I'm a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, so I love these Raven gift tags... I think I'd have a hard time giving them away!

This great little shop also has beautiful jewelry, like this black cat Halloween rosary:

I'm a really big Halloween fan, so this shop is fantastic!  There are so many beautiful shabby chic and Christmas themed items, and several estate sale goodies, too!  And this is even better:

From now until October 19th, Alyssabeths is offering 10% off your total purchase (except for shipping)!!!  So now is the perfect time to start shopping for holiday gifts and decorations!


  1. I love the Black Cat Rosary.
    Great Feature!

  2. I'm a Poe fan as well - that raven piece is great!

    Thanks for sharing!