Saturday, October 16, 2010

BEST feature of the week!

So I'm doing a bit of catching up here, and am posting two BEST features in one day.  Better late than never, right?  Hope so.  A few months ago I featured CK Silver, and get the pleasure of doing so once again.  There are so many more fantastic jewelry pieces in the shop now, too!  I'm getting excited about holiday shopping!

And how could you not be, with gorgeous earrings like this Autumn Wind pair

They would be stunning to wear to any holiday party!  And this Southwest Autumn Necklace would be a stunning gift:

And how about the matching Southwest Autumn Bracelet

I'd have to say, I'm still a fan of the Jewelry of the Month Club that CK Silver offers.  It's a great deal, and how fun to get a present in the mail each month!  You pick your favorites, and get a beautiful set of earrings a month. 

Check out CK Silver if you're also looking for custom and birthstone jewelry... they love working with customers to make something beautiful!


  1. Thanks for the very sweet feature!

  2. Thats a really great feature. Such beautiful jewelry too!