Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hooray for Inspiration! And my first weekly review!

Happy Wednesday, crafting world! It's been awhile.

So while I wait for my amazing husband to cook me dinner (I love being able to say that!), I figured I'd try my hand/fingers at a few new blogging features. So far I have yet to figure out how to add photos to my blog (what, you didn't notice how bland it is? You're too kind!)... my netbook is tricky that way. So I'm using my trusty old Mac. And we'll see how it works. My inspiration today comes from a new Etsy Team I recently (hours ago) joined: BESTeam! It really is the best. Not only does it promote other craftians, but it gives me the boost/push/kick I need to get back into blogging. I promise to keep up with it now, I even wrote a little list of the topics I intend to discuss daily.

So, to start off my blogging duties, I'd like to introduce everyone to a fabulous woman, her Etsy store, and her darling blog! Welcome Gardenmis! Her Etsy store can be found here, and her beautiful blog here. Gardenmis is based out of Ohio, and loves vintage and handmade items (we have so much in common!). A little something to wet your appetite:

How pretty is this? This is Gardenmis' handmade, layered yo-yo hair fascinator, and indeed it has grabbed my attention! Gardenmis' Etsy store is full of these fun and classy hair pieces, all one-of-a-kind!

A lovely little flower!

My favorite Gardenmis piece! Sooo cute!

Gardenmis also has a great blog, where she features other Etsy sellers, as well as an extensive (I mean EXTENSIVE!) collection of tutorials! I'm a sucker for shared knowledge and anything craft related, so Gardenmis has set my heart aflutter! Not to mention her gorgeous blog playlist! This crafty blogger has it all! Thanks, Gardenmis, for letting me share your lovely shop and blog!


  1. It worked! Not only did I add photos, I figured out how to link websites! I feel so accomplished :)

  2. Good job on your blog post! I too love hand made and vintage and I have 2 shops that fuel my caprices...err...passions!
    Welcome to the team!

  3. This looks awesome! Great work on your first review =-)

  4. Thanks sooo much for the lovely feature and congrats on learning some new blogging helps!! I've learned alot myself since joining BESTeam! Have a wonderful day :)