Monday, April 26, 2010

One treasure after another...

Initially when I joined the BESTeam (Boosting Etsy Shops Team), I thought the best part (no pun intended) would be having other artists blog about my shop and get, in essence, free advertising.  I was wrong!  While having your shop featured on other blogs is awesome, I've found my favorite part is discovering other artists and shops I might not have found otherwise.  Since we have weekly assignments, each week I open my email to find the name of the shop for me to review.  It's like Christmas morning!  I try not to cheat and click on other names, though it has happened before.  It also has helped me with my own store; I get to see what promotions work for other artists, get a feel for photography styles, and see what other wonderful shops are creating!  It has also pushed me to be less procrastinaty ( I know it's not a word, but it works) about working on my blog and in my studio.

I am excited this week to feature the nice woman who featured me last week on her blog, and who I've been chatting with since... DarlingDandeDesigns!  This clever mom from Florida has the most adorable children's clothing... for your little ballerina!

The Party Tutu!  I wish I had one right now... it looks like a party on its own!  And every girl at one point wants to be a ballerina, right?   DarlingDande also has great bloomers/diaper covers:

With detachable and changeable snap-on bows!  Really, really cute.  So much better than a regular, ol' diaper!  I might just have to have kids now (sort of kidding).  A majority of the darling (dande) creations are customizable, too, with a monogram or your child's name.  And the indispensable, the essential, the burp cloth!

These animal print cloths are perfect for when your little cheetah has had a little too much fun.  Or your boyfriend.  I'm sure it works well for all burps.

Probably my favorite item in DarlingDande's shop is her pillowcase dress... very cute, very wearable, and very in style.  And it looks like it will fit your child for years (which is a miracle within itself!).

It's also rumored that DarlingDande sells Art Gallery Fabric... hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag, but I personally can't wait to be able to buy some myself.  Oh, and did I mention she also makes baby blanketsDarlingDandeDesigns is the perfect place to buy something for your own children, or to find the perfect baby gift.  Oh, oh, and she has a website!!!  She has all kinds of goodies there!  For mom, for baby... change purses, bath and body products, bath and beach hooded towels... I could go on and on.  Thanks so much, DarlingDandeDesigns, for letting me review your adorable store!  I look forward to chatting with you again soon!      


  1. Wonderful post! Love Darling Dande's cute stuff! :D

  2. What a Feature! Very nice and informative.

    DarlingDande's baby/toddler clothing is so adorable!