Thursday, April 29, 2010

Changes, Day 1

So today officially marks Day 1 of Operation Change.  I got up with my husband this morning at the hellishly early time of 6:30 (!), and after doing all the required measurements (upper right arm, lower abdomen, quick step on the scale, etc.) I am now digesting my morning meal replacement "shake."  These are my thoughts so far: 
1) I had no idea my thighs were the same circumference as my husband's.  NOT acceptable! 
2) Reminding yourself that you are overweight is that much more depressing when you're cold, tired, and hungry. 
3) I thought I liked shakes.  I have protein shakes all the time, but I've never made one with just water.  And this is why.  Frothy protein water is not what my tummy wants at 7am. 
4) I have very little will power.  Today I woke up to several inches of snow.  Yes, that is correct, today is April 29, and there's snow!  What the F!?  So any thoughts of getting stuff done in the studio were instantly replaced with thoughts of going back to bed and hibernating til the sun comes out.  I was then asked, "Don't you have any willpower?"  Hmmm... why, because all I want to do is sleep and sleep and be warm and cozy?  No, no I don't.

Yet here I am.  In lieu of going back to bed, which I am still considering, I am sitting here typing away.  And so far this has taken a decent amount of willpower.  Honestly if today had been sunny it might have been an easier choice.  But this winter weather has me wanting to sleep so badly, and I am not one to fore go sleep.  Plus, we stayed up til 1am last night watching the NBA Playoffs (Go Nuggets!), so I got even less sleep than normal.  All 11 days of Operation Change I predict to be brutal.

So now I have to make a crucial decision... do I go back to sleep, be warm, have wonderful, restful dreams and wake up refreshed?  Or do I stay up, get work done, and be productive?  I am not good at making these kinds of tough decisions.  I know I will thank myself later for working in the studio, but it's cold, I'm tired... gah.  Stay tuned to find out who wins, in The Bed vs. The Studio!!!

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