Monday, May 3, 2010

The BEST review of the week! Literally.

I thought I would start this little post out with a picture.  Because everyone loves pictures, especially pretty ones.  And this picture is gorgeous.  This is JujuBee's Mint Ice Cream Princess Length Pearls Necklace.  I personally have a thing for pearls.  And green.  And mint ice cream.  Now that I've drooled a little bit, let me start by introducing the talented woman, the "Queen Bee" who just made my day.  JujuBee Jewelry Designs, also known as Julessabjewelry, has amazing designs created with a tasteful approach.  Based out of Charlotte, this craftswoman (she sews, crochets, addition to a full-time job and making her fabulous jewelry!) likes to unwind by creating covet-able pieces with crystals and pearls.  Her pearl collection is fantastic!

This is JujuBee's Cocoa Queen Opera Length Pearl Necklace.  Stunning!  Her collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and sets are not only beautiful, but reasonably priced.  One of the fun jewelry sets:

This is JujuBee's Crystal Quartz Fire and Ice Trio... simple and elegant!  She's also created a fun way to take your earrings from casual day to dressy night:  the Day to Night Collection is a brilliant idea!     

So basically, you take your earrings, like this pretty Amethyst and Burgundy Swarovski set.  See those little hooks on the top?  They just snap in and out of the earring wire.  And there you go!  Interchangeable styles and looks, for all occasions!  I think this is a such a great idea!  You are getting two sets of earrings for the price of one!  Love it.

JujuBee also has a great blog, where she has great reviews, updates, and giveaways, and is on both Twitter and Facebook.  Anything from this artist would make a lovely Mother's Day gift... or any-day-of-the-year gift, really.  Now that it's spring, I know how tempting a new wardrobe is.  And jewelry is the quickest way (and most fun, because trying on clothes is never really a fun experience) to update that wardrobe!  Treat yourself to something well-made, handmade, and beautiful!   JujuBee also loves making custom orders, so really there is no excuse to not indulge a little.  You'll love yourself for it :)   


  1. What a wonderful feature. I love mint ice cream too!! And thank you for explaining the day to night earring. That IS a very creative idea. Hope it does well for her. She deserves it :)

  2. Wow! I'm blushing! Thank you so much for the wonderful feature - I love it.