Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another try...

So I made another batch of cookies today (from the same cookbook as the chocolate crinkles from this weekend)... and yet again, I got only 24 out of the recipe!  It says it makes 35.  Short of getting out a ruler, I'm pretty sure they weren't much bigger than 1" in diameter.  I will take pictures this time!  If they look good... I'm trying the recipe for Crunchy Sesame Balls.  If all goes well, I'll post pictures AND the recipe :)

You might be wondering what happened to my diet change... well, I'm doing pretty well so far, but homemade cookies are still a weakness of mine.  I'm drinking a shake for breakfast, and having a well rounded lunch, and portioning dinner, so I figure a cookie or two (or all) now and then won't hurt too much... right?

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