Monday, May 17, 2010

Temptation Monday!

So today is full of temptations for me.  And so far, I've given in.  I had a soda (which I haven't had in over 2 weeks).  I had a handful of Hot Tamales (they know and call my name).  And then there's the Etsy artist that I am reviewing (can I have her shop delivered to me?).  Lotus MiraGe Ephemera has some of the most unique, quirky, and amazing jewelry I've seen in awhile.  Aside from the fact that she has a great special going on right now, where you get a bracelet and a matching pendant for $52.76 (!), she absolutely has something for everyone.  I mean it.  Is your best friend a vintage stamp collector?  How about this vintage Haitian stamp pendant

Remember how your great aunt has always loved antique Chinese vases?  How about sending her these beautiful broken China beaded earrings?

Maybe you've always had a dark side, or want it to feel like Halloween all year long.  Why not decorate your haunted walls with a Lovecraftian horror collage?

I almost didn't want to share that one because I love it so.  Temptations!!  Lotus MiraGe Ephemera has a fantastic selection of soldered glass bracelets and pendants.  Here's one more to entice you and distract you from the day that is today: Monday :(

We all know a Wizard of Oz fan (me):

What a fun Dorothy bracelet!  And it's double-sided, too.  This just keeps getting better!  This fabulous lady also has pendants with origami paper, images from Alice in Wonderland, black cats, Edgar Allen Poe photos... you name it, she's got it.  And they're very well made!  Double-sided images between glass, with fully soldered edges, so you know it will last.  She also takes great care in shipping and packaging your pretty piece so it arrives to you (or the really lucky person you've sent it to) in one piece.

Lotus MiraGe Ephemera, who can be found on EtsyFacebook, and Twitter, also has a great blog where she discuss her art, other artists, and a delicious looking recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies, among other miscellaneous things.  I will leave you with my favorite of her pieces... I'm not sure what it says about me, but this vintage poison label pendant has me smitten!! 

Thank you Lotus MiraGe Ephemera for letting me ogle your goodies!  Hehe.


  1. LOL! "ogle your goodies." Lotus has a style all her it!

  2. Aw - what a sweetheart of a feature - thank you!!! (I *adore* your shop too!)