Monday, May 3, 2010

Changes Day 2, 3, and 4

I'll make my summary of the past couple days short (sort of)... they flew by so quickly, that I don't remember most of what happened anyway!  Friday was the second day of Operation Change, and it went by without a hitch.  I made the yummiest lunch of chicken and broccoli I have ever had... and it was just chicken and broccoli.  No salt, so seasonings, just fresh food, and it was delicious.  Maybe I'm resetting my tastebuds a little?  I would like to think that.  Saturday and Sunday were both Cleanse days, meaning, we had only water and the juice-like cleanse drink.  Plus few almonds and the provided "snacks," little tablets that remind me of gerbil pellets.  Probably don't taste much better, either.  Saturday was exhausting for me; not only was my body working hard to adjust and flush, but my job had a huge event -- Free Comic Book Day!  It's our busiest day of the year, and somehow I scheduled my roughest day of the cleanse on it.  When I arrived, there were donuts, cookies, and for lunch, Taste of Philly cheesesteaks.  I could have cried.  The sandwich really tempted me, it smelled heavenly.  But thinking about it, I shouldn't have had any of those things anyway, and without a doubt would have.  So perhaps I timed it perfectly.  So now I think I'm better geared towards appreciating my food, which maybe I overlooked before.  It's so important.  Especially when I am never for want of it.

I was about ready to collapse when I got home, and was still exhausted Sunday morning.  Sunday was better, though.  I had managed to yet again schedule something strenuous... I helped my sister move out of her apartment.  SO needless to say, this weekend was exhausting, and also fulfilling.  I like feeling that my body is tired from being active, and I can say that I definitely feel better now than I did before we started the program.  Today is back to shake, lunch, shake, so I can enjoy chicken, a hard-boiled egg, and some steamed broccoli and mushrooms.  Soo much better than gerbil pellets! 

Oh, and I've lost 3 lbs and several inches so far!  Can't complain there :)  And we're (my husband and I) starting to really look at foods, what's in them, where they come from, and portion sizes.  Duh, you're saying.  I know.  But thinking about how we can adjust favorites, like sloppy joes or pizza, to be healthful and reasonable is exciting, and I think we're closer because of it.  Happier, because we're doing it together and having fun with it... and I'm sure our bodies are happier because of our changes.  We still have until this coming Sunday on the program, so wish us luck that we continue our success!


  1. Go get em! Changing your lifestyle is hard, but it sounds like you are already in the swing of things!

  2. It's really put perspective on how much time food used to occupy in my day. I'm definitely thinking about it though... Sunday is the last day, so sushi, here I come!