Friday, July 26, 2013

Oops, I did it again!

NOW THAT SONG IS IN YOUR HEAD FOR DAYS! Ha. Also, I am trying to get used to the rule of putting only one space after a period. Remember in typing class how you were taught that everything had to have two spaces after it? I guess that's not a thing anymore. It's weird. Like how Pluto's not a planet. Change is hard.

And now for something completely (not) different, here's more fabric I bought this weekend :) I was even supervised. Top flower and square fabrics are going to be a new duffel bag, which I may or may not make and then keep for myself. The orange one is Halloween fabric! Very abstract though, might try making something fun with that. And I finally caved and bought some remainder Nancy Drew panels. Tote bag? Detective Kit? So many possibilities!

And the Xcel Energy person just scared the everloving single spaces out of me! I'm sitting right next to the glass door to the backyard and she just waltzes up to it, looks at the meter (RIGHT next to the door), out of nowhere! Stranger! In my yard! Announce yourself! Damnit, there go my double spaces again.

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