Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Veggie time!

My garden WAS doing pretty well.  One tomato plant was suffering from something that made the leaves brown and dry... too much water?  Too little?  Bugs?  Disease?  Any number of things.  But another ended up with weird ringspots, and according to the infallible internet's recommendation, we decided to pull it and the other one, just in case.  So now we're down to one tomato.  Sad face.  Husband had to pull them out b/c I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Can't wait for things to be ripe and ready to eat!  The fry peppers are looking good, cucumber vines have taken off, and the jalapeños have potential.  We bought some pickling cucumbers at the farmer's market last week, so we pickled some as dill spears and some as bread and butter slices.  I wish it didn't take 3 weeks for them to be ready to eat.  Hopefully we'll get some good lemon cucumbers from our own garden, and try more pickling recipes!

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