Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wait, the weekend's over?!

I am told it is.  Which is sad because I got less done during this past three-day weekend than in a normal two-day.  Boo.  The laziness has also crept into the week, and this is not a week to slack!  I have a show on Saturday, the parents are coming to visit tomorrow, I need to go to the Post Office, and there are still several more bags I need to make by the weekend!  Gah.

So instead of all that, I'm going to do something fun, and that is share Nevita and Boutiqueaholic with you.  This shop should be your go-to for summer clothes!  Nevita's current style reflects the glamour of "Sex and the City 2," so if you love classy beach tunics and matching summer scarves, stop on by!

I love this one!  It's a set of three: you get a great little belt, chiffon scarf, and tunic in pretty pink and brown.  Another favorite summer piece:

How pretty is this fabric?  So lightweight and perfect for the beach, BBQ's, lounging by the pool.  These tunics are also size-adjustable; tighten or loosen the belt as needed.  That is so great!  Especially when we're all going to summer parties and probably not watching what we're eating... guilty over here.  Her scarves are great, too.  Long enough to wrap once, twice, three times, use it as a belt, a headband, so many options and so many colors!  This scarf is such a beautiful turquoise color!

And how stunning is this fiber and beads necklace?  I love the tassel!  And I love the color: volcano red!  Love!  Nevita's one busy, crafty, and talented lady!  So go check out her shop, Boutiqueaholic, and then find her on Twitter, Flickr, and don't forget to check out her fun blog!  Lots of European trends to catch up on (and she also does photography!)!  I'll leave you with my favorite item in her shop:

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  1. thank you for featuring my shop. I hope you will have the time to finish everything you've planned before the weekend. Have a great weekend and lots of fun!