Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boo, weather, boo.

I am not a fan of the heat.  Despite being fortunate enough to live in a climate with very limited humidity, Colorado is still too hot for me right now.  Makes me lazy, sleepy, and uncomfortable.  I desperately need to buy an AC unit for my studio... I sweat just sitting in there!  Does not make for a productive day, I'll tell you that.  But enough of my whining!

I'm going to blame the heat on my late post featuring the talented Ardent Reverie.  Just go with it.

I absolutely love this Message in a Bottle necklace!  Such a sweet, memorable, personal gift!  Perfect to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, as bridesmaids gifts... so many great uses!  Delicate and feminine... so perfect.

Other than obvious style and flair this cute crocheted beanie has, and the hundreds of occasions it would be perfect to wear to, it is such a steal: $8!!!  I'm still in shock.  And quite possibly must have it.  Obviously, Ardent Reverie has quite a selection of accessories:  crocheted hats, feathered hair clips (check out the pic below), necklaces, scarves, and paintings! 

This Faitytale Romance feather clip is so fancy and festive... those feathers are such a gorgeous range of greens and blues!  And I know I listed paintings earlier.  These are not what you'd expect...

This painting is fabulous, no?  "Lurie" is stunning.  But what if she glowed in the dark, too?

Seriously cool.  Ardent Reverie is the collaboration of two crazy sisters (their words, not mine!) living in San Diego, and is a great collection of fun accessories for you and your home.  I'll leave you with a great summer accessory:  the Not So Scarf!

I love the tassel, the braid... such a perfect, classy summer scarf.  Want more Ardent ReverieNeed more?  Then check them out on their blog!!

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